984 Route 9 Suite 5H, Sayreville, NJ 08859 
Telephone: 1-877-317-9328 or 1-732-316-4841/4842

CJ Craft Beer Distributor
984 Route 9 Suite 5H, Sayreville, NJ 08859 
Telephone: 1-877-317-9328 or 1-732-316-4841/4842 
email: cjcraftbeerdistributor@gmail.com



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Baked Apple 

Green Apple

Cranny Granny


Black Hop IPA

Irish Pale Ale

Turbo IPA

Pineapple Wheat

German Cerveza

Home Harvest Scotch

Concord Grape

Colonial Brown

Cannoli Beer

Double Rye Porter

Little wit Lies

Single Hop IPL

Fulgin IPA

Fore Session IPA

Golden Honey IPA

Finnegan Ladder

Chardonnay 2014

Cab Fran Angelica 2010

Tribute 2010

Tinta Cao Angelica 2010

Tinta Madeira 2011

Souxa Angelica 2010

Touriga Nacional 2010

Tinta Madeira 2011

Vento White

Vento Rose

Bombina Red

Bombina White

Rod and Rifle Rose

Rod and Rifle Red

Rod and Rifle White

Dolly Brew