COCO TEE Chocolate Stout

Inspired by a real rescue puppy, Coco Tee Chocolate Stout is an easy drinking Stout with Coffee upfront and Chocolate on the finish. The dog on the label was adopted by our owner and CEO, when he was left on her doorstep 3 years ago.  A portion of the proceeds are given back to help other rescue dogs.

About Us:

CJ Liquors Distributor

With the home office located in Sayreville NJ, CJ Liquors Distributor is committed to bringing the best quality craft beers, ciders, and wines to our customers in New Jersey. We proudly represent the following products exclusively throughout the entire state:

NEW Products recently added to CJ's growing portfolio!!!

Healthy Options for 2020! CJ is proud to introduce an Organic wine from France. REPARTEE is a Sauvignon / Semillion blend that is easy to drink and brings a quality taste to a healthy lifestyle!

Healthy Options for 2020! CJ is proud to introduce a Vegan Chianti from our Italian producer "Sensi". This wine brings quality and taste to the every growing Vegan lifestyle.

Shebeen is on the cutting edge of experimenting and creating all sorts of fun concoctions from a Cucumber Wasabi to New England IPA's. We've also brewed some amazing traditional style beers like a Polish Pilsner for 2 professional soccer teams. We have some amazing and loyal patrons including our "brat pack" of volunteers, staff and employees that make the brewery run on a daily basis. Located in Wolcott, Connecticut.

Joining CJ Liquor Distributor March 2020. Karmic Daaru Company puts the Indian in Indian Pale Ale. IPA's Brewed with authentic Indian spice, give these hazy Craft Beers a unique flavor profile. Look for them on New Jersey Shelves starting March 2020!


Using the very best apples from Washington State, we let the unique character of each apple variety guide our crafting, resulting in our sinfully delicious varietals. d’s ciders are crisp with the freshness of just picked apples, not too sweet, not too tart, just playful layers of flavor that are just plain WICKED GOOD.

D's ciders are naturally gluten free, rough filtered to maintain the richest apple flavor, contain no colorants, and use natural ingredients.

Cottrell Brewing joins our portfolio. Cottrell Brewing is one of the first craft breweries to open in Connecticut.  With favorites From Mystic Bridge, Safe Harbor, and Incredibly Pretentious Ale, their beers are an easy drinking West Coast Style IPA.

Dolly Brew a bit of dolly for woman of courage, champion of the disadvantage, lover of life , brew from her heart, brought joy to everyone who knew her, love her and appreciated her ...

This Unique Beer, represents the flavors of Trinidad. The passion fruit gives this beer a grapefruit style tartness that drinkers will love.

Thierry Massin: 

100 % Pinot Noir from the heart of Champagne France. This is the first time this producer is available in the US Market.


New to the New Jersey Market. Offering a DOCG Chainti at an affordable price.


Small Lot Wines from Washington State. Highlighting Portuguese Varietals in the Great Northwest. 


A Kiss from Italy on the label for all New Jersey Wine drinkers.